How does this work?

1) Sign up is easy. Give us your name, phone number and email address to create an account.
2) Use the drop down to select parts.
3) View cart and submit your quotation request. A notification email will be sent to you shortly to confirm your request.
4) Wait for your quotation in the email. Usually, it's done within one business day.
5) Once you have received the quotation, review it carefully. Upon your approval, we will verify some details with you. The final total of your order will be confirmed at this point. Make sure you reply to our email to confirm the order. If everything goes well, we will place the order for you. You will be notified when the parts are ready for pick up.
6) You pay when you pick up. It's that simple! (We accept Cash, Interac, e-transfer and most major Debit and Credit cards.)
7) Please keep in mind quotes expires in 2 days.
8) If you need shipping, please provide us your FULL shipping address with postal codes and let us know the urgency of your order. You may do so by leaving us a note within the quotation or send us an email to We will give you an estimate based on the information provided. At this point, we only accept e-transfer payment and wire transfers for shipping orders. Shipping is non-refundable. Please send e-transfer payment to and email us the answer. (Sample question: What is the model of my car? Sample Answer: Civic) Call 416-604-1377 or Text us at 647-808-1180 if you have any questions.
Stock availability is not guaranteed until an order is placed.